International Chamber Music Summer School


18th - 23rd July 2019


Please call 01923 853309 or 07711 037907

English Camerata
Enjoying an open-air impromptu performance

Summer School of Chamber Music - Course Aims


  • - Our Chamber Music Summer School is both educative and social.

  • - It provides a dynamic opportunity to explore new repertoire and re-visit already known pieces, to build on individual skill and deepen individual understanding and practical ability whilst extending playing range and the techniques of playing with others.

  • - To provide an opportunity to forge new musical and social relationships which commonly persist beyond the Course as a result of the pleasure and good social 'feel' of sharing musical experiences with like-minded folk.

  • - To enable enthusiasts, minimum age 13, from all walks of life, who are passionate about music, to come together to create chamber music in a non-judgemental, supportive environment bringing satisfaction and fulfilment.

  • English CamerataEnglish Camerata
    Ofer Falk (formerly leader, Allegri Quartet) and Greg Baron (founding cellist Alberni Quartet) share their expertise

  • - The baroque specialists leading the 'baroque' ensemble will offer "hands - on" introduction to baroque instruments and for pianists there may be the opportunity to try the harpsichord as desired.

We have been continually refining the format and content and 21 years on from our beginnings in Haworth, Yorkshire home of 'the Brontes', we present what has become one of the foremost opportunities for music-making available in England.

There's little advertising as participants learn of us by word of mouth generally from the very positive experience of those who, so impressed by both the high quality and extensive availability of coaching, have already participated. They look forward to the forthcoming Course and spread the word that here is a 'jewel'. Participants say it is the best Residential Music Course they know. Precious holiday entitlement is gladly taken for it and devotees return regularly


English Camerata

English Camerata

English Camerata

English Camerata

English Camerata
Baroque oboe talks to baroque flute