International Chamber Music Summer School 2017


Tonbridge School, Kent (Near Sevenoaks), TN9 1JP, UK


July 12th - 18th 2017 - Five days of coaching (part course by arrangement)



Please call 01923 853309 or 07711 037907

Summer School of Chamber Music


We offer extensive coaching in an exciting classical chamber music environment for ensembles and instrumentalists playing the following instruments and more:

  • - piano and harpsichord
  • - strings (violin, cello, viola, double bass by arrangement)
  • - wind (bassoon, clarinet, oboe, cor anglais, flute)
  • - brass instruments (French horn, trumpet, trombone)

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Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2016 Course and whose dedication, enthusiasm and joyous music - making made it such a success

Our Chamber Music Summer Course is going into its 20th summer long weekend. We take much trouble to offer a worthwhile experience and set a very high standard. A vibrant atmosphere is engendered by the genuine interest of the enthusiastic folk who find their way to us together with the intensive coaching lavished by non - judgmental and encouraging teachers.

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Who comes?

The Course welcomes enthusiasts of all ages. For those coming as an ensemble, Elizabeth arranges a programme of coaching tailor-made to fit the repertoire; experienced players 'freelancing' , that is, instrumentalists seeking an ensemble, are matched for partners with great care by Elizabeth's bearing in mind desired repertoire and standard; the resulting ensemble enjoys the same individualised programme of coaching, one which reflects the combined wishes of its members.

This delicate, exclusive insight is carried forward by the Course director into the Course itself so that participants can benefit from the friendly, non-competitive arrangements whilst having the opportunity to mix with kindred spirits and, in a calm, spacious setting, enjoy the close attention to their playing of marvellous coaches who give unstinting time.

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Course speciality

Our Music Summer School is distinguished by and is unique for the very high number of hours of coaching ( 9.00am - 6.30pm and beyond) afforded by an exceptional teaching commitment from internationally renowned artists. We aim to assemble a limited number of participants at any one time to keep the atmosphere intimate whilst optimising the make-up and coaching of the ensembles. This modest number of participants allows us all to re-create, in our modern frenetic time, the timelessness and sociability of the 'salon' with its semi-private music-making.

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Course Design

All the different rehearsal facilities are available from 7.00am enabling individual and ensemble practice before the first coaching of the day or indeed simply for the pleasure of it. Typically ensembles will alternate coaching sessions with periods of private practice.

Please see the information under the heading Detailed Course Description for the outline daily schedule of events.

The recent participation of student and young professional musicians in ensembles  has been much valued and appreciated - to be continued!

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